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An Introduction to Sustainable Investment

What is #sustainableinvesting, and how does sustainability affect investment performance? #ARXCFAInstitute

Recorded Webinar: Innovation in Islamic Banking

Watch this pre-recorded CFA Institute webinar to find out how Islamic financial institutions innovate to attract consumers and investors. #ARXCFAInstitute #IslamicFinance

Does ESG Affect Fundamentals?

Can analysis of #ESG incidents, powered by artificial intelligence, help mitigate #ESGrisks and generate better returns? #ARXCFAInstitute

Recorded Webinar: Navigating 2021 – Market Outlook Forum

Watch this pre-recorded CFA Society Malaysia webinar to hear about the global and local #marketoutlook for 2021. #ARXCFAInstitute

Recorded Webinar: The Impact of Covid-19 on Pensions

Watch this pre-recorded CFA Institute webinar to find out how #pension systems around the world deal are affected by the Covid-19 #pandemic. #ARXCFAInstitute

Upcoming Events:

ESG Financing Requirements in Tropical Forestry (21 April)

In this coming webinar, speakers will discuss their assessment and due diligence processes for financing forestry sector companies, and the ways they engage on compliance with these requirements. Register now!

Japan Reinventing Itself as a Global Financial Hub: Challenges and Policy Choices (26 April)

The Financial Services Agency (FSA) is spearheading the strategy of the Japanese government to re-position the country as a global financial hub. This webinar will bring together FSA representatives and foreign investment professionals to explore how Japan can expand its role as an international financial centre. Join us and learn more!

ESG in Credit Series Part 4: ESG Integration in Sovereign Bonds (25 May)

As investors’ appetite for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investments has grown, so too has the question of if and how ESG factors may affect the analysis of sovereign debt issues. Risks from climate change, including the associated policy responses, have been under particular focus. For example, countries that are major fossil fuel exporters are most exposed to climate change transition risk, giving rise to stranded assets and significant uncertainties, with knock-on implications for debt servicing and repayment capabilities. Register now!

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Full List of Upcoming Scheduled Webinars and Events (updated almost daily)

Watch finance and investment webinars organized by CFA Institute and CFA Societies, covering topics relevant to investors and practitioners in APAC. See the list of upcoming events at #ARXCFAInsitute.


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