CFA Society Korea aims to build
the brand and influence of CFA® charter in Korea.

CFA Society Korea will support the journey to professionalism, and be the bridge to build the foundational and strategic capabilities for CFA members in Korea.

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◀️2024/25 CFA Institute Research Challenge 안내▶️

안녕하세요. CFA Institute Research Challenge 시즌이 돌아왔습니다. 

CFA Institute Research Challenge는 CFA Institute가 주최하고 전 세계 160여 개국의 대학(원)생이 참여하는 기업투자분석 발표대회로서, 국가 예선(Local Final)을 거쳐 아시아 지역 본선(APAC Sub-Region/Regional Final), 글로벌 대회 결선(Global Final)의 순서로 이루어집니다. 

CFA한국협회는 매년 국내 소재 대학생 및 대학원생을 대상으로 CFA Institute Research Challenge 국가 예선(Local Final/Korea Final)을 주관하고 있으며, 2024-2025 시즌 Research Challenge 한국대회는 애버딘코리아와 DB보험금융공모전에서 후원합니다. 

관심 있는 학생 여러분의 적극적인 도전과 참여 부탁드립니다.

◀️2024/25 RC 한국대회 행사 요약▶️

▶행사명: 2024/25 CFA Institute Research Challenge 한국대회
▶주 최: CFA한국협회(CFA Society Korea)
▶후 원: 애버딘코리아, DB보험금융공모전
▶협 찬: 금융투자협회
▶참가자격: 전국 대학생 및 대학원생(재학생)
▶참가신청 기간: 7월18일(목) - 8월 20일(화)
▶ 대회 안내 및 참가신청 방법 안내: CFA한국협회 홈페이지 Notice 참조

✅️대회 상세 일정

▶ 참가팀 시즌 Kick-Off(대회 오리엔테이션): 2024년 8월 31일(토) 10시, 여의도 금융투자협회 불스홀
▶ RC 대회 참가자 팀별 멘토 메칭 및 애널리스트 세션: 2024년 9월-10월 사이(추후공지)
▶ RC 대회 참가자 네트워킹 이벤트: 2024년 10월 말 - 11월 초(추후공지)
▶ 보고서(Written Report) 마감: 2024년 11월 17일(일)
▶ Korea Final 진출팀 발표: 2024년 12월 06일(금)
▶ Korea Final (결선): 2025년 2월 8일, 롯데월드타워 SKY31 Convention

※ 참가 신청서 접수 및 기타 문의(이메일 ONLY): 

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🎁✨️Exciting Launch of the Samsung Card for CFA Society Korea Members!!!

We are pleased to announce that the exclusive Samsung card for CFA Society Korea members was launched on July 15.

This partnership card is the second to be launched by Samsung Card targeting a specific esteemed organization, following the "Seoul Bar Association." Despite CFA Society Korea not meeting the basic requirement of having with more than 3,000 employees or members," this special credit card was launched in recognition of the prestige and influence of CFA Society Korea, and most importantly, the value of its members.

The CFA partnership card features a customized design incorporating the CFA brand and the logo of CFA Society Korea. To alleviate the annual fee burden for our members, Samsung Card will fully refund the annual fee for those who use the card after issuance. Additionally, through the issuance of this partnership card, CFA Society Korea can provide its members with Samsung Card's differentiated and diverse services and benefits.

We ask for our members' understanding that the application requirement for this card is limited to active members of the 2024/25 membership (FY25 Membership). If you have not yet renewed your membership, please complete the renewal and apply for the exclusive membership card.🙏

✅️2024/25 Membership Renewal:

🎁Apply for the exclusive Samsung Card for CFA Society Korea members: (🌿FY25 Membership - Active Member Only)

We hope that the launch of this exclusive card for CFA Society Korea members will enhance members' pride as a CFA and strengthen their sense of belonging as a member of CFA Society Korea. We look forward to your active participation.

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A surprise birthday party for Myron Scholes. Happy Birthday, Myron!

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to celebrate your 83rd birthday with you. We wish you a wonderful year ahead filled with joy, good health, and many cherished moments. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us. Happy Birthday once again, Dr. Scholes!

Membership Card